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Chitupa began her early career in change management and business process engineering (BPE). She is now a seasoned leadership coach with over 15 years as a practitioner, consultant and coach predominantly in the financial services sector. Her speciality is leadership and culture development with a focus on leadership strategies, organisational sustainability, and bringing energy into leadership!

She intricately understands the enormity of the challenges that women, people of colour as well as people of different nationalities have to literally wade through every day based on the way they look, speak, think etc. This is addition to dealing with all organizational work issues where they are expected to excel without the necessary equitable support and without the same equity rewards.

As a senior corporate executive, she headed up a merger and acquisitions (M&A) team with a large telecoms company. She set up businesses for clients globally and has been a member of various boards. She has experience as a business consultant and coach for global clients across Africa, India, Americas and Europe.

Throughout her career in large enterprises, she has often been the only black person and the only woman at leadership level in the organisation. Chitupa intricately understands the enormity of balancing many intersectionalities such as the challenges that women, people of colour, people of different nationalities, and of certain social strata, have to encounter every day​. This in addition to dealing with all organisational challenges where they are expected to excel without the necessary equitable support.​

The world has changed and inevitably so have you. If you are an organisational leader looking for new perspectives, new insights and new solutions, then Chitupa is an experienced accredited coach and consultant who has also been an organisational leader globally. She brings her values of Energy, Inclusion, Transformation, Innovation and Sustainability to the table, assisting clients to navigate real time leadership challenges with people, purpose, value and sustainability as centre stage.


Negotiated Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange software licence and JV ventures with clients in Africa, India, and Indian Ocean islands. Set up East Europe business for Africa client where many leadership, culture and diversity issues were critical.

Author of leadership book titled: “Africa Leadership Legacy -Wila D'Israeli Mungomba”, foreword by: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Nobel Prize Winner and past President of Liberia.

Designed and implemented virtual online leadership programmes for C+suite and Board members.

Chitupa was educated in the UK, USA and France holding two Masters and two Bachelor’s degree.